Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Clephane Horn

Referenced in Graham-Campbell’s paper is JM Leighton’s ‘History of the County of Fife’ (1840). As all three volumes are available in Cupar Library’s local/family history section I thought it would be worth checking them for information on, or images of RDM's family home, Carslogie House.

More in hope than expectation- images of Carslogie House have proven to be very hard to source- I looked through the chapter on Cupar. What I found was so much more intriguing:

“Tradition says, that in ancient times, when private feuds and quarrels were common among the Scottish barons, the lords of Carslogie were leagued with the proprietors of Scotstarvet [sic]… The horn of Carslogie, with which the call to battle was soundedhas been rendered famous by Sir Walter Scott, and is still, we believe in the possession of the widow of the late Major-General  William Maclaine Douglas Clephane, the last direct male heir of the Clephanes of Carslogie…”. Leighton, Vol III p. 37

The Clephane Horn:

As beautiful as this is it's not the weirdest or coolest Clephane family heirloom. More to follow...

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  1. This is a link to some images of Carslogie as it looked around the time the Milne family lived there. Sadly it also documents the somewhat rapid deterioration of the building over about an 80 year period.